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About Us

NBCBN Foundation started as is a regional network for capacity building of water professionals in the Nile basin. The network was launched in the year 2002 as a non-traditional network and served as a pilot in the Nile Basin. It has proven to be a unique structure and a valuable tool for capacity building over the years.

To continue its mission in the Nile basin, after 18 years of successful technical regional collaboration under the network umbrella, the network transformed to a legal entity to be currently the Nile Basin Capacity Building Network Foundation a  legal registered extension of the former “Nile Basin Capacity Building Network” project. The new network foundation is registered in Egypt under the Egyptian Civil Society Law No. 149 of 2019 of international and regional organisations and NGO’s, under the Ministry of Social Solidarity (MSS) of Egypt. The network received its official registration license in November 2019.


The success of the network comes from the real impact that it generated on the performance of water professional and professionals linked form other sectors working at both national and regional levels in the Nile basin

Foundation Strategic Goal

It is foreseen that NBCBN foundation becomes a sustainable foundation based on its qualified members. strong partnerships, and relevant developed and shared knowledge. The foundation is envisaged to be a strong regional and local mechanism for capacity development in the Nile basin that supports an increased number of high qualified water professionals. A foundation having a wider outreach in the basin and beyond in other regions, where it can create collaboration and cooperation environments on local, regional and international levels . NBCBN aims to become a foundation with sustainable and diversified funding, demand driven and impact oriented.


NBCBN envisions a Nile region in which riparian countries have adequate capacities to jointly solve water related problems and so to contribute to achieve sustainable socio-economic development through the equitable utilization of, and benefit from, the common Nile Basin water resources


NBCBN’s mission is to create opportunities for Nile water professionals to have an equal access to information and knowledge through research, training, sharing, and disseminating knowledge. This mission is envisaged to be achieved by having a network firmly rooted in the academic and applied research world with a demand driven research, training, and knowledge agenda with special reference to transboundary water related issues and with strong functional relations with its major clients in the basin as well as with relevant national ministries and organizations. Moreover, building stronger partnerships with the Donor community, that can financially support part of network activities to achieve its objectives.