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Kickoff and Launch of Water Scarcity Research Projects Kampala, Uganda 22-23 February, 2018
11 Mar 2018
NBCBN launched its Water scarcity research theme projects in Kampala, Uganda, in a regional workshop that was organized on 22nd and 23rd February, 2018.

The KICKOFF WORKSHOP was organized in collaboration with Makerere University, the NBCBN hosting node in Uganda. the Projects team leaders and some of the researchers attended the workshop, to launch the projects, discuss and agree on the final work plans and deliverables.
The Network has received funding from the DUPC2 funding programme under IHE-Delft to coordinate an applied research programme on Water Scarcity in the Nile Basin.
The Water scarcity research programme supports three funded research projects;
  1. 1. Evaluation of Climate Variability and Change Impacts on Water Scarcity for Rain-fed Agriculture in the Lake Victoria Basin, The Case of Kagera River Sub-basin.
  2. 2.Managing Transboundary Water Resources, Under Climate Change/Variability: Case of Tekeze/Atbara River.
  3. 3. Integrating GIS Remote Sensing, and modelling for Overcoming Water Shortage In Irrigation Network, Case studies Fayoum and Rahad.

The projects aim to support research activities under the water scarcity research theme. The three research projects are seeking to achieve measurable outcomes – changes in attitudes, skills, and/or knowledge that lead to better water resources management policies and investments to support solutions for water scarcity. These outcomes are expected to be foreseen on long term to have positive impacts on better management of water resources, food productivity and people’s livelihoods. To achieve these outcomes, the projects will produce a number of outputs, including the following:
  • · Knowledge products on regional water scarcity issues in the basin
  • · Tools, methods, frameworks and strategies for governing scarce water resources
  • · Guidelines for best management practices on water scarcity.
  • · Partnerships to strengthen learning, the exchange of information, knowledge and experiences.
  • · Improved links with stakeholders and next users.
  • · Training courses to build capacities on different topics associated with water scarcity.
Further information on the projects will be published on the projects web-pages on NBCBN website in 2018 after the official launch of the projects.

Further information on the research projects will be published soon on the Water Scarcity homepage under NBCBN/Research.


Kickoff and Launch of Water Scarcity Research Projects Kampala, Uganda 22-23 February, 2018