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Call for Short Term Research Proposals and Case Studies in the Nile Basin

General Research Theme

“Water Resources Management Under Climate Change in Transboundary River Basins

Now open: Call for Short-term research case study proposals under the theme “Water Resources Management under Climate Change in Transboundary River Basins”.

The main objective of this call for proposals is to support seed funding for regional/local research in the Nile basin. Through encouraging concrete actions for the conservation and better management of water resources and ecosystems in the basin Countries, which are threatened by sever impacts of climate change stressing the water resources and threatening the livelihood people.

Projects and Case Studies Subthemes May include:

  • Climate change resilience and Nature Based Solutions (NBS) for water and food security.
  • Ecosystems management and restoration for better livelihood and sustainable development.
  • Floods and Droughts management under climate change/variability.
  • Climate change and environmental degradation: impacts and solutions

Short Term Research Fund

This is a short term call for research proposals. The expected fund for each accepted research proposal will range from 15,000 Euros to 20,000 Euros. This seed funding will support the development of a case study, field work and data collection, technical and analytical activities and the development of the final required deliverables (see deliverables section).

Research Project Duration

The expected duration for this short term research is Nine Months starting from receiving the acceptance and funding approval letter of the accepted proposals. (The last month will be dedicated to final technical and financial reporting of the project).

Accepted Proposals

The accepted proposals will be funded based on the final decision of the NBCBN scientific advisory board after reviewing all eligible submitted applications.

 Who can Apply?

Universities and research institutions in the Nile basin countries who are members of NBCBN-Foundation will have priority to apply, but the call is open for all other universities and research institutions in the Nile basin who will fulfil the submission eligibility criteria.

General Criteria for Proposal Development

  • Contribution to solving real on ground problems facing different Nile basin countries on the local/regional level
  • Potential for future application and roll-out
  • The adequacy of the local group composition.
  • The length of the activity period will not exceed a maximum of nine months.
  • Clarity of the objectives, methodologies, work plan, and budget breakdown.
  • one or more country can apply in one proposal.
  • For local case studies a minimum number of two local institutions should apply in the same proposal.
  • It is preferable to include MSc/PhD Students in the research team.
  • A project team leader should be nominated and should play a crucial role in connecting all group members and guarantee a continuous communication among the team members.
  • The research proposals should consider at least one field work campaign with updated data sets to support the research case study.

Application Documents

  1. Proposal application template
  2. Official Support letters from the organizations involved in the project proposal. The support letter should indicate the importance and the relevance of joining the research team.
  3. project work- plan
  4. Budget sheet
  5. CV’s of research team members.

Key Expected Deliverables

  • Midterm progress report
  • Final Project report
  • Technical Story in collaboration with the media and Journalists experts nominated by NBCBN
  • A project video reporting the field work mission
  • Presenting the project case study in the 6th Cairo Water Week, 2023 (NBCBN-Foundation Technical Session).

Post Project Benefits

  • one scientific article to be published in the Nile Water Science & Engineering Journal.
  • using the developed case study in an online training courses that will be organized in collaboration with lead partner through the NBCBN E-learning hub and in collaboration with CapNet.

Submission Process

  • To receive the applications templates, send an email to the NBCBN-Foundation:
  • All application set of documents must be submitted via the following emails:

CC. to:

Submission Deadline and Evaluation Process

  • Full applications to be submitted by 5th of March, 2023.
  • The accepted research projects will be notified by 13th of March 2023.